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Promus Online: A Macro View at Music Industry + Tech Trends: It’s Moving Fast!

Skrevet af Jesper Mardahl, 10.1.22 17:31

There are seemingly endless possibilities for our industry’s future: change is occurring simultaneously, accelerating quickly, and creating so much complexity that even the savviest music folks question whether we’re prepared for the revolution ahead. Corona put the music industry into a spin at all levels, and the speed of change and evolution is light speed.

Tuesday February 8th 2022 from 16.00 – 17.00 CET on ZOOM

In this Promus Online session, we’ll give a macro overview of the movement of our industry, covering off on topics from business prioritization of the bigs (majors + streaming), following the money around the globe, rights management and the acquisition frenzy, the continued rise of the independent service ecosystem, the future relationship between live and content, artist economic diversification as well as the race for new audiences. We’re not going to solve for everything that’s coming in one hour, but at least you’ll have a clean windshield to look through while you’re driving into it.

This Promus Online session is presented by Josh Greenberg, Creative Strategy Consultant @ Green Mountain Lodge (Former Global Director @ Spotify + Red Bull Music).

Driven by an insatiable appetite to discover, create and change culture, J/G has built a diverse qiver of resources throughout his career development, education, relationship management and entrepreneurial hustle.
He has been trusted to help grow and steer the musical interests for some of the most iconic and innovative brands of all time, in Red Bull (2001-2015) and Spotify (2016-2018), during critical periods in their evolution – developing a reputation as an “innovator” and “futurist“.
His early foundation came from end-to-end music artistry and management: overseeing the creation, production, performance, promotion and presentation of art as brand and business; both his own and those who have trusted him to help them along the way.

Applying that foundation, he’s won hearts and minds by authentically balancing the intersection of artistic expression and commercial interest through the lens of creative brand and business strategy.

Now, he extends his experience, network and service to partners across the entire music value chain with his creative strategy consultancy, Green Mountain Lodge.

Tuesday February 8th 2022 from 16.00 – 17.00 CET on ZOOM

Sign up for this session by sending an email to – deadline: Monday February 7th 2022 10.00 CET

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