Promus is the community and networking center for the music industry and musicians in Denmark. Located in Aarhus, our main focus is on the city’s rich emerging music talent as well as to support, motivate, and help new businesses get a foothold within the music business.

As a center for knowledge, innovation, networking, and production, Promus is the first of its kind in Denmark. Promus is the bridge between the established music business and the emerging talent – not only in Aarhus, but throughout the country. Promus is constantly working on tying the two together through networking set-ups, courses, seminars, workshops, mentoring programs, and business consultancy.

Promus has a close partnership with SPOT Festival and stands behind the yearly conference SPOT+ that takes place during the SPOT festival in May. The conference is aimed at Danish and international players within the music industry and addresses a broad palette of subjects regarding the music business and facilitates several networking activities.

For the emerging talent in Aarhus, Promus has introduced a mentoring program through which new players can receive advice and support from an established member of the music industry.
Consultancy, professionalization, and enhancement of competences are one of Promus’ core focus areas. Help, pieces of advice, and knowledge about music industry issues, contracts, etc. are available to everyone. Furthermore, Promus regularly arranges courses and workshops introducing to or elaborating topics regarding the music industry.


In short, Promus:

  • is the meeting point for the city of Aarhus’ music scene
  • helps facilitating the music industry in the city
  • helps professionalizing and supports the city’s emerging talent
  • strengthens the relationship between the city’s music scene and the national as well as international music business


Promus offers:

  • a network base for the city’s music scene
  • courses and workshops
  • consultancy on all aspects of the music industry, contracts etc.
  • a mentoring program for the emerging talents


Foto øverst: AySay, Hej Søster Fest, VoxHall. Fotograf HeartMatter Media / Kim Song Sternkopf 
Foto nederst: SPOT+ 2022. Fotograf Kristian Gade

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