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How to break Maximillian in Asia – an introduction to trigger marketing with Ryan Petersson

Skrevet af Jesper Mardahl, 9.3.22 11:24

At this Promus Online Session, we have invited Ryan Peterson to introduce how Steller Trigger help artists reach fans globally using trigger marketing.

Wednesday March 30th 2022 from 16:00 – 17:00 CET on ZOOM.

In the modern music industry, streaming and social media growth is all about momentum. Ryan work to get this momentum moving on Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook globally. At this session he will share some of his insight on how to successfully use trigger marketing to reach new fans. Stellar Trigger is a world-first trigger marketing agency who help artists with global ambitions reach fans in all corners of the globe. Their prime markets are in South East Asia and Latin America – where they work both creatively and technically to build artist communities in digital spaces.

Stellar Triggers’ first success was with the artist Maximillian, which saw his song ‘Beautiful Scars’ rise to a 4x platinum streaming success in the Philippines, and millions of new fans across the region – from Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Stellar Trigger has since worked with Lauv, Lukas Graham, Pink Sweat$, Niki, Vaultboy + many more, with a few key accolades to note including: #1 on Global Viral Chart, #1 in Philippines top 50, #1 in Indonesia top 50, #1 in Thailand top 50, #1 in Malaysia top 50, #1 in Philippines Viral 50, #1 in Indonesia viral 50 + many more.

Promus Online: How to break Maximillian in Asia – an introduction to trigger marketing with Ryan Peterson
Wednesday March 30th 2022 from 16.00 – 17.00 CET on ZOOM

Sign up for this session by sending an email to – deadline: Tuesday March 29th 2022 10.00 CET

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